Network Monitoring

gFACTOR Monitoring

gFACTOR Network Monitoring combines the most advanced network management tools in a powerful solution that will empower you to manage your network like an IT wizard.

All of the facts about every part of your network will be at your fingertips in an easy to use, secure, web-based dashboard – saving you hours of work every week.

gFACTOR also incorporates MBSA, WAUS, built-in remote support, step-by-step DIY guides, AND your network gets the insight and experience of the gFACTOR network operations team!


Real-time device & software inventory
Performance of processors and drives
Off-net device management
Automated asset scanning


Site, device & application status alerts
Backup & critical process failure alerts
Security threat & failure alerts
Intrusion & interference alerts


Automated updates, patching & refreshing
Preventative downtime maintenance
Time tracked service ticketing
Off-site disaster recovery plan

How does gFACTOR work?

gFACTOR was created to help your business implement an IT strategy and grow instead of reacting to technology related crises that thwart production and profit generation.

gFACTOR identifies every IP device on your network and builds a complete, detailed profile, providing real-time inventory of computers, monitors, hard drives, software, licenses and more.

gFACTOR alerts our team and your organization when critical devices or services cross standard performance thresholds. Both parties will receive dashboard, cell phone or email alerts, keeping everyone up to date.

And it also provides the know-how to fix and prevent hundreds of security and performance problems with step-by-step guides to fixing security loopholes and resolving event log errors.

For organization who need more, we created gFACTOR Plus Monitoring.


gFACTOR Plus Monitoring

Receive all the network management features of the baseline gFACTOR service plus a vast array of customizable options which can be tailored to suit your specific needs

The gFACTOR Plus agreement gives your organization the ability to define additional services within the contract with a fixed monthly rate which is determined by the level of customization you require.

gFACTOR Plusprovides summaries for Hardware Inventory, Site Device, Windows Distribution, Server Health, Workstation Health, Windows Security Audit, Network Services, and Site Warranty



24×7 Automated Monitoring


24×7 Automated Monitoring
Response Time


24×7 Automated Monitoring


24×7 Automated Monitoring
Real-Time Hardware Inventory
Real-Time Software Inventory
Storage Monitoring & Alerting
Server Traffic & Load
Network Services
Windows Services
Performance Counters
Windows Event Log Monitoring
Microsoft Security Analysis
Application Vulnerabilities
System Vulnerabilities
Service Pack Levels
Security Patch Levels
Windows Software Updates
Backup Success & Failure
Antivirus Protection Status


24×7 Automated Monitoring
Real-Time Hardware Inventory
Real-Time Software Inventory
Microsoft Security Analysis
OS & Application Vulnerabilities
Service Pack Levels
Security Patch Levels
Storage Monitoring & Alerting


24×7 Automated Monitoring
SNMP/ICMP Up/Down Status
Power Supply Monitoring
Custom Event Logs
Windows 7/XP/2000/2003
Linux, UNIX, Mac


Monthly Executive Reports
On-Demand Ad Hoc Reports