Managed Services

gtechserv msp value cycle

Our Value Cycle goes beyond the core benefits for your business of Virtual CIO, Oversight and Consulting:

Do you have the right internet connection for your business? As a Master Agent, gTECHserv will evaluate your connectivity, help you select the best available option and negotiate pricing with your ISP.

We can help you save up to 40% on your internet connection AND get you better connectivity for your business.

Although 99% of organizations use antivirus software, 78% have been hit by viruses, worms, trojans and spyware.

Our approach to security reduces your organization’s risk, improves productivity and optimizes resource utilization.

Increase your ROI with customizable solutions to address communication needs for your growing organization.

Solutions available for Hosted PBX, Voice Over IP, Hosted SIP Trunking, Messaging, and Email.

Our certified solutions partners are ready to take your business to the next level through strategized Salesforce Automation, Marketing Management, Customer Service, Analytics and Reporting, Intranet Management, and Document Management.

Manage multiple contractor relationships for Third-Party Liaisons and Vendors, ISP and Phone System Contracts and more.

Work from anywhere through our mobility and remote solutions that provide Remote connectivity, devices, terminal services and Citrix solutions.

A solid and reliable network infrastructure starts with the right design. gTECHserv is certified by Microsoft as a Network Infrastructure expert.

The Value Cycle is designed to drive your ROI by empowering your IT and saving you money through greater efficiency, reducing overhead, and building a more productive business.

Strategized Services

As a Managed Service Provider, our vision is to generate a stabilized technical environment for you to enable your organization to grow without having to worry about your IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing has quickly become a popular approach when managing IT because of the many advantages it offers. gTECHserv’s cloud service is called Stratusg.

Your cloud solution is based on two structures, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

SaaS gives businesses subscription-based scalability which can be tailored to any specific need. gTECHserv offers a wide variety of software based services which operate in conjunction with each unique business infrastructure.

PaaS fully equips businesses with customizable elements of infrastructure including hardware and virtualization.

Today, the Internet serves as the driving force behind nearly all areas of business operations. However, some organizations fail to understand the importance of choosing the proper type connectivity- one which will realistically allow them to execute their daily tasks, meet business goals and objectives.

Before deploying any IT related solution, we thoroughly assess the status of our clients’ connectivity configuration and determine whether or not it will suitably support business functionality.

There are numerous factors which determine an organization’s bandwidth requirements, and scaling your connectivity requirements as these factors increase is critical when choosing the right solution.

The deployment of clean wireless is a vital step in network security. gTECHserv’s clean wireless provides faster wireless access that offers you better reliability, protection from vulnerabilities and threats by scanning all wireless traffic, and customizable wireless setup, giving you control and preventing unauthorized access.

The Internet provides countless advantages but also weakens security, making it a threat. Without Internet security, businesses become prime targets for attacks, viruses, hackers and other havoc wreaking threats. gTECHserv provides a wide range of security solutions, addressing all aspects of protection while still taking into account your objectives.

  • Application intelligence allows you to know which applications are in use and who is using them.
  • Application control gives you administrative control over applications, users and management policies.
  • Application visualization gives you administrative customizable control over your total network, tracking all application, user and web traffic.
  • Clean VPN provides a high-performance and secure outlet for remote access, allowing you stay connected from anywhere.
  • Email security provides protection for both inbound and outbound email threats such as spam, viruses and compliance violations.
  • Dynamic security protects you from newly developing threats and attacks, allowing you to stay current with the latest technology.
  • Network protection scans for both internal and external threats while checking for areas of vulnerability, securing your network access.
  • Threat management allows you to customize your levels of protection, allowing you to layer your security internally and externally.

As your organization grows and data volumes increase, having the proper storage architecture makes all the difference. gTECHserv specializes in providing complete data analysis, outlining the steps necessary to transform cumbersome data into a streamlined asset. Our data solutions can be configured for organizations seeking a scalable storage solution to those who are in need of complete database overhaul.

  • Decrease your risk of data loss, backup failure, de-duplication mistakes and access complications.
  • Maximize efficiency by storing your data the right way in the right place.
  • Manage storage growth according to your specific needs.
  • Shield against disaster through efficiently stored and quickly retrieved data replications.
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses by reducing the potential of disaster, error or disruption.
  • Optimize your data accessibility, ensuring your information is readily available when, where and how you need it.
  • Elevate your value by transforming cumbersome and unmanageable data into a streamlined asset.

gFACTOR represents the future of network management. If you are still spending time reacting to IT crises and “putting out fires” instead of implementing your IT strategy and growing your business, you need gFACTOR.

Our network monitoring through gFACTOR combines the most advanced network management tools in a powerful solution that will empower you to manage your network like an IT wizard.

For many organizations, communication is a multifaceted aspect of business that can be challenging to manage. Our software-based telecommunications solutions through Unified Communications deliver the advanced functionality organizations need to communicate effectively. The software-centric infrastructure is continuously enhanced by simple software updates, adding value to investment. Unified Communications provides scalable solutions for businesses by integrating all aspects of communication such as automated call centers, voice and messaging services, exchange and communication servers, and mobile communications.

Telecommunications Provides

  • Innovative integration of multiple aspects such as email exchange servers and contact communication servers.
  • Fully automated call center applications designed to improve productivity and customer service.
  • Complete mobile communication solutions that function on all popular smart phones, allowing access and connectivity from any location.
  • Voice and messaging solutions through the software-based integration of email exchange servers.
  • Scalability that is designed to grow or shrink as needed and when needed.
  • Virtual fax services, web-based call reporting, unlimited lines and unlimited long distance and continental USA calling through VoIP and Hosted PBX.

We understand that without the right solution in place, an organization can only be so productive. gTECHserv has partnered with AltiGen Communications, whose software-based Unified Communications solutions are designed to provide organizations with the customizability they need.