Dell for Davie County

“When I started, there was no such thing as any technology. You simply had a car and a gun and you went to work. Now technology plays such an important part in keeping the residents of my county safe. It has definitely been a major, major, major improvement.” – Sheriff Andy Stokes, Davie County Sheriff’s Office

In recent months, gTECHserv began providing IT solutions for the Sheriff’s Department of Davie County. This month, Dell took a closer look into how gTECHserv’s implementation of Dell based solutions has revolutionized the way this NC public safety branch operates on a day-to-day basis.

In the short video, founder and CEO of gTECHserv, Brian Goddard, states, “Being a channel partner, we’re as large as Dell; we’re as large as Microsoft. The way we are able to leverage these relationships and have them be an extension of our facility is, it really allows us to design solutions that allow the client to be able to concentrate on their core business. As they grow, we grow.”

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