Client Testimonials


Small Business | Stewart Cooper & Newell Architects

Stewart Cooper & Newell Architects is a recognized leader in planning, designing and administering the construction of government, law enforcement and institutional projects. gTECHserv designed a high-performance, stable network that has dramatically improved system availability and speed. SCN’s solution organizes and secures their critical data, and performance is monitored in real-time to alert technicians when resources are at sub-optimal levels. gTECHserv established an always-up VPN to provide fast, secure communication and data sharing between SCN’s offices. Performance is maintained and the network is proactively managed using gFACTOR Network Management, coupled with a service agreement that provides cost-effective support and expert oversight of SNC’s IT assets.

“gTECHserv brought order to our network and gave us a real peace of mind about the reliability of the system they installed. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in the work they’ve done for us. I recommend them to others not only because of the high level of service, but because of the personal relationship and the ethics that go with it.”

– Jim Stumbo, AIA, Partner, Stewart Cooper & Newell Architects
Local Government | Water and Sewer Authority of Cabarrus County

gTECHserv’s solutions are saving more than $175,000 for the Water and Sewer Authority of Cabarrus County (WSACC) in North Carolina. When faced with the growing complexity of technology assets and escalating associated costs, public sector organizations such as WSACC benefit immensely from outsourced technology solutions. Many organizations do not have the need for a full-time on-staff employee dedicated to technology implementation and maintenance. Such organizations frequently turn to a “dual-hatted” employee with a technical skill set. However, it is difficult for such an employee to focus on his/her primary responsibilities and at the same time maintain the scope of knowledge necessary to keep current with emerging technologies, security threats, and organization-wide maintenance needs. When WSACC was at this point, it looked to gTECHserv to outsource its technology needs and provide managed IT services. Among other services, stratusg has dramatically increased WSACC’s return on investment by providing planning and budgetary guidance, purchasing services, asset management, hardware and software installation and configuration, maintenance, support and administrative management.

Education | Lake Norman Charter School

Lake Norman Charter School in Huntersville, North Carolina, had outgrown its aging network and needed an integrated system for administrators and a “clean” wireless network for students. Managing Director Tim Riemer called gTECHserv. Using a hybrid cloud solution, virtualization and iSCSI SAN technology, gTECHserv securely consolidated the school’s data center and built a more innovative technology platform, while reducing overall expenses and energy footprint.


gTECHserv continues to receive outstanding recognition in the media. Many of the nation’s top publications and organizations have featured gTECHserv, highlighting consistency in innovation and success. gTECHserv is proud to announce recent recognitions received through publications and organizations such as:

Forbes Magazine

gTECHserv was recognized by Forbes Magazine in 2010. The full page article featured gTECHserv as the Leading Cloud Aggregator of the South-East, highlighting our consistency in remaining ahead of the market’s technological curve.

CRN Magazine

gTECHserv was named “Most Innovative Managed Service Provider” by CRN Magazine. The publication stated that gTECHserv’s gFACTOR monitoring services have become a must-have staple of businesses in the Charlotte area and beyond.


Brian Goddard, founder and CEO of gTECHserv was named “Top Business Executive” by the Managed Service Provider Alliance. Brian was credited for his areas of IT innovation and for proactively taking gTECHserv to the forefront of MSPs.


As an exclusive DELL partner, gTECHserv was named Preferred Channel and Preferred Direct Partner of the South-East.

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