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Celebrating Ten Years of Innovation

As a motion content, animation and production studio, Limerick Studios in North Carolina consumes vast amounts of disk space. To facilitate its graphics-heavy projects, massive content has to be sluggishly copied and transmitted back and forth to multiple work-stations using a traditional file server. Limerick Studios founder Mike Kelley turned to gTECHserv, a Charlotte-based IT consulting firm, for a solution to increase efficiencies.

“We deployed a storage solution with bridging software that links each workstation to an iSCSI SAN, giving multiple users read-write access to the same target using gigabyte Ethernet technology,” explains Brian Goddard, owner of gTECHserv. “What used to take hours now takes only seconds.”

In business, outperforming the competition requires 24/7 support from technology experts who are obsessed about what they do. IT consultants at gTECHserv are full-time and on site, not freelancers or offshore. They eat, sleep and breathe technology, consistently staying 18-24 months ahead of most managed service providers. Indeed, their heads are “in the cloud”—that virtual universe in which hardware, software and online inter-mingle to make everything more efficient.

For example, Lake Norman Charter School in Huntersville, North Carolina, had outgrown its aging network and needed an integrated system for administrators and a “clean” wireless network for students. Managing Director Tim Riemer called gTECHserv. Using a hybrid cloud solution, virtualization and iSCSI SAN technology, gTECHserv securely consolidated the school’s data center and built a more innovative technology platform, while reducing overall expenses and energy footprint.

As an independently owned company, gTECHserv provides objective solutions tailored to meet every client’s unique needs. Acting as a virtual chief information officer, it listens to your business plan and builds an IT solution that ad-dresses internal challenges and external threats—maximizing your return on investment.

When DASCO, a national medical real estate development, acquisition, leasing and management firm, sought a solution to consolidate and protect critical company data, gTECHserv designed a hybrid cloud of virtual and highly secure private net-works. According to Louise Smith, VP of HR & Office Operations for DASCO, by eliminating the need to have an in-house IT department and invest in servers and their maintenance, this solution is expected to save DASCO in excess of $200k this year.

“We’ve offered a full range of cloud services, including private-public hybrid, and Software-as-a-Service, Hardware-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service for more than 10 years,” Goddard says. “At the height of the economic downturn, companies delayed their server refresh to conserve capital. With cloud computing and virtualization, now there is a cost-effective way to complete critical upgrades.”

An electrical engineer, Goddard worked in satellite communications in the military and, later, for a digital printing company and then as chief information officer for a national insurance association.

Since gTECHserv was launched in 2000, the company has enjoyed steady growth thanks to a never-get-lazy approach to innovation and customer service. In 2010, CRN magazine named gTECHserv as one of the “Most Innovative MSP.” And MSPAlliance™, the International Association of Managed Service Providers, named Goddard a “Top Executive.”


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