What’s New in gFACTOR

Off-Network Mac OS X and Agentless iOS Monitoring and Management
gFACTOR Network Management is the first remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform to offer agentless monitoring of iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. gFACTOR Network Management also makes it possible to monitor and manage off-network Apple Mac OS X devices in both Mac-only customer environments, and those with a variety of operating systems in use.

• Provisioning new iOS and OS X devices is a matter of a few clicks
• Secure customer and corporate data by remotely locking and/or wiping a lost or stolen iOS or Mac OS X device

• Mark devices as lost, receive alerts on check-in and configure automatic remedial actions to protect data

Onboarding and Device Discovery
New “Quick Tasks” let you execute automated scripts against devices directly and immediately, simplifying workflow. Regular scheduled tasks can now be defined in greater detail. gFACTOR Network Management also expands benefits of automation to Mac and Linux/UNIX, further freeing your internal resources from manual configuration and maintenance tasks.
• Quick Tasks let you rapidly execute pre-configured automated tasks on devices in a few clicks
• New “Send Message to User” automation script allows you to broadcast a message to a single Windows device, or all Windows devices at a site (for example, a reboot notification)
• Configure automated tasks to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or after reboot on a specific date to further minimize or fully eliminate impact on end-users

A major advancement to alerting – you can now suppress an alert for any device and prevent it from recurring indefinitely or until a specified date. Suppress alerts that occur under normal monitoring that are not applicable, without modifying overall monitoring and alerting. For example, suppress low memory alerts on devices that an end-customer uses but does not intend to upgrade or replace.
• Suppress alerts that occur under normal monitoring that are not applicable, without modifying overall monitoring and alerting
• Suppress an alert until a specific date for devices in maintenance or known downtime
• New Service Center page highlights all current alert suppressions and unaddressed issues to help you identify new areas to expand or enhance your service offering

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