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The gFACTOR Plus Monitoring encompasses all of the network management features of the baseline gFACTOR agreement. However, gFACTOR Plus offers a wide range of customizable options which can be tailored to suite the specific needs and requirements of the client. The gFACTOR Plus agreement gives the client the ability to define additional services within the contract.

In addition, the gFACTOR Plus contract is built from a fixed monthly cost agreement for assets under management. This fixed rate is determined by the level of customization established by the client and will be analyzed yearly to ensure the correct service agreement is being offered, maximizing the value of all services.

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Eliminating the X-Factors

What’s Covered?

Hardware Inventory Summary

gFACTOR provides comprehensive records of all hardware, allowing us to discover diversity within our clients’ IT environments and identify obsolete equipment.

Software Inventory Summary

gFACTOR provides a detailed inventory of all applications by examining each workstation and server, allowing us to update, remove, relicense or upgrade our clients’ software as needed.

Site Device Summary

gFACTOR’s in-depth summary of device, memory, CPU and storage information allows us to ensure our clients are utilizing their equipment to its full extent or notify our clients before its time to refresh.

Windows Distribution Summary

gFACTOR will identify any Windows upgrades and site standardization opportunities, allowing us to reduce our clients’ security risks and spot potential compliance issues.

Server Health Summary

gFACTOR allows us to monitor our clients’ server health by assessing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as installed memory, CPU performance, disk utilization and uptime.

Workstation Health Summary

gFACTOR allows us to identify opportunities for workstation performance optimization by assessing each onsite workstation’s KPIs such as CPU, disk utilization and uptime.

Windows Security Audit

gFACTOR’s Windows infrastructure reporting allows us to protect our clients’ networks by identifying potential security threats such as weak passwords, update failures and access vulnerabilities.

Network Services Summary

gFACTOR will examine all active device services, allowing us to safeguard our clients’ IT infrastructure by discovering potential trouble spots such as webservers with open FTP.

Site Warranty Summary

gFACTOR will examine each site and discover which devices are under warranty and which are not, allowing us to provide our clients’ with the information needed to insure each asset.


24×7 Automated Monitoring


24×7 Automated Monitoring
Response Time


24×7 Automated Monitoring


24×7 Automated Monitoring
Real-Time Hardware Inventory
Real-Time Software Inventory
Storage Monitoring & Alerting
Server Traffic & Load
Network Services
Windows Services
Performance Counters
Windows Event Log Monitoring
Microsoft Security Analysis
Application Vulnerabilities
System Vulnerabilities
Service Pack Levels
Security Patch Levels
Windows Software Updates
Backup Success & Failure
Antivirus Protection Status


24×7 Automated Monitoring
Real-Time Hardware Inventory
Real-Time Software Inventory
Microsoft Security Analysis
OS & Application Vulnerabilities
Service Pack Levels
Security Patch Levels
Storage Monitoring & Alerting

Network Devices & Systems

24×7 Automated Monitoring
SNMP/ICMP Up/Down Status
Power Supply Monitoring
Custom Event Logs
Windows 7/XP/2000/2003
Linux, UNIX, Mac


Monthly Executive Reports
On-Demand Ad Hoc Reports

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